Intercoastal Design also offers:

Computer Classes

In-home computer classes with hands-on teaching methods. Anything from basic computer use to e-bay selling. References are available.

Video Game System Repair

We can repair your X-box 360, PS3, Nintendo DS, Wii, or any other game system that may need repair.

Television, Game System, and Surround Sound setup/installation

We can help setup your new TV, calibrate your HD display, optimize your surround sound settings, and hook up your video game systems. We have a carpenter that can build custom cabinets, recess speakers, build custom speaker boxes, and run wires in homes to satisfy any surround sound application.

Cellular Phone Repair

Phone insurance can be expensive and some cheaper phones may not even be worth the cost of insurance. We can fix these phones with name-brand replacement parts to save you money and get you talking and texting again!

Office Setup and Consultations

Setting up an office within your home or business can be both tedious and stressful. We are happy to help consult on the best equipment for your needs and/or budget. We can also install everything to get your business up and running.

Security Systems

We currently install wired and wireless camera systems for security and monitoring. This is great for protection of your home and business. We can handle the process of selecting the best cameras, ordering, and installation, or any one of those steps individually. We can hookup DVR or tape recording equipment so you can view back logs of footage. Depending on your needs many systems offer remote access from smart phones and we are happy to provide that service.

Boat Electronics Installation

We can help setup boat navigation systems, plotters, radios, etc. to make sure your boat is running as smoothly and efficiently as possible. We are equipped to set-up programs like Wind Sea Plot and Navionics and have access to many of the adapters, software, and supplies needed for such applications.

Be sure to contact us with any questions or if you are in need of a service that isnít listed here. We are well-versed in nearly all technical applications of computers and electronics and are happy to help and learn new things.