We are experienced with custom databases and various programming languages from Java to Fortran. Both programmers at Intercoastal Design hold Bachelors Degrees in Computer Science and have the skills and knowledge to create professional software solutions for business and personal applications.


Studying to become computer programmers gave us a strong foundation on which to build our programming skill set. Since then, we have broadened our abilities and anything we may not know we can certainly learn. We are dedicated to our projects and keep all clients meticulously informed of updates, progress, concerns, etc. We work closely with our customers to thoroughly understand their needs. This way, time is not wasted on unnecessary development and re-development. Understanding the client’s needs and wants is a necessity when creating custom software and something that is often ignored by other developers.


Software may be needed for:

  • -  Inventory recording and manipulation
  • -  Data recovery, organization, and entry
  • -  Mass contacting of clients, people, etc.
  • -  Personalized Software for specific tasks not provided by conventional software
  • -  and many many more!


Software can result in:

  • +  Increased Efficiency
  • +  Increased Profits
  • +  Improved reliability
  • +  More professional business environment
  • +  Better security
  • +  and much more!

Because we provide professional solutions at affordable prices, custom software is no longer limited to major corporations. We hope to spread the benefits of using custom software to small businesses and even personal use. Feel free to contact us and schedule a free consultation. See what custom tailored software can do for your business!